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Vanessa & Willie {A Fairy Tale}

Vanessa & Willie {A Fairy Tale}

Bonjour, everyone!

We are delighted to feature Vanessa & Willie's Wedding on our blog today!

We absolutely LOVE capturing our clients' Love Stories and we are always super excited to share these Fairy Tales with all of you once the Magical Day has come and gone.

Stylish, subtle and stunning. These are the words that we feel best describe this lovely Couple's Wedding Day.

The day was spent at the beautiful Kolping Guest House in Durbanville, South Africa.

The wedding chapel at Kolping Guest House is interdenominational and can accommodate intimate weddings of up to 60 people.

Vanessa 1jpgvanessa 2jpgHow did the two of you meet?
We met at work and communicated on a daily basis. We eventually decided to meet up after work for a drink and soon started seeing each other on a more regular basis. Being single for a long time, we decided to take things slow so we decided on a 6 months agreement. After the first 6 months, we reassessed our relationship and renewed it for a further 6 months! We kept renewing our 6-month agreement until we finally decided...okay, no more 6 months!   
DSC_0048jpgvanessa 22jpg How did Willie pop the question?
"We went to our favourite restaurant one evening," Vanessa says, "and he took our son's top off to reveal a t-shirt that read: Mommy will you marry Daddy?"

Aaaaawwww that is too precious Vanessa! We love it! vanessa 5jpgDSC_0072jpg Did you see each other before the wedding?
We have a small son and an older daughter - so logistically we had to see each other before the wedding, but it was the day before the wedding and not on the wedding day itself! Luckily we aren't too old fashioned :) Vanessa 8jpgVanessa 6jpgDSC_0166jpgvanessa 9jpgDSC_0216jpg What was your favourite moment from the wedding?
We can't single out a specific moment, everything felt great! We loved seeing the guests all talking and laughing and enjoying the evening. DSC_0239jpgDSC_0241jpgTell us about your dress. Where did you find it, how did you choose it, how did you know it was the one?
After visiting several dress shops, as there wasn't anything available that I truly liked, I started looking at several dresses on the internet. Thank goodness I found a dress and a veil on Zando's that I really liked! It was so exciting getting all my wedding items through the mail. I couldn't wait to try on the items once it arrived! I was very happy with my selection!vanessa 10jpgDSC_0287jpgDSC_0314jpgDSC_0305jpgDSC_0315jpgDSC_0326jpgDSC_0328jpg How would you describe your overall wedding experience?
The food, the music, the venue and the perfect combination of guests ensured a great evening. The time went by so fast! Even people who we never thought we would see on the dance floor, were dancing! vanessa 11jpgDSC_0382jpgvanessa 12jpgvanessa 13jpgDSC_0430jpgDSC_0434jpgvanessa 14jpgDSC_0444jpg What were you most anxious, nervous or fearful about regarding your wedding day and what was the outcome?
Nothing - I was relaxed and everything was well planned. My brother-in-law was Master of Ceremonies and he took care of the finer details concerning the reception. My mother and sister-in-law were also a huge help with the decor and looking after our son when I needed to go have my hair and makeup done. vanessa 15jpgvanessa 17 jpgDSC_0512jpgvanessa 18jpgvanessa 19jpgvanessa 20jpg We would love to hear about the vendors you chose and your experience with them!
Kolping Guest House. What an awesome venue and extremely professional! The assistance from the wedding co-ordinator and the chefs that made the amazing food - Wow! Cindy and Roxy, thank you for going out of your way to make the evening a success!
Function hiring for you - such a vast selection of wedding items to hire. vanessa 16jpgDSC_0482jpgvanessa 21jpg
What is
 the one piece of advice you would give to other couples when planning their wedding?
A good DJ and a good playlist can make the evening really special - so really get a good team! DSC_0587colourjpgHow was your experience with Just Frame Me Photography on your wedding day?
It was relaxing and stress-free. Karien is a people's person and really went out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable. She truly is a professional.

Aaaaawww thank you for the kind words, Vanessa & Willie! I really do appreciate it xxDSC_0605jpg There is nothing more inspiring in this world than to watch two people find love in each other. We are so happy for you, Vanessa & Willie. Thank you for sharing this special day with us xx

A few more people that helped Vanessa and Willie's wedding go off without a hitch was:

Wedding Cake - Karen Edwards
Wedding planner - Vanessa Edwards & Willie Stoman
DJ/Music - DJ Skud Skud
First Dance Song - 'Shallow' by Lady Gaga
Dress Boutique - Zando Wedding Dresses
Caterer - Kolping Guest House Chefs
Florist - Karen Edwards

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