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The Du Toit Family {A Fresh 48 Session}

The Du Toit Family {A Fresh 48 Session}

Hello beautiful picture lovers!

I know I've said it every single time, but I'll say it again... Fresh 48 Sessions are one of my absolute favorite sessions to capture!

You've seen the precious memories captured of little Levi's Birth, now say hello to 2-day-old baby boy Levi as both mom Larése and dad Hanno have had a day or so to breath and quietly soak in their new baby boy.

levi fresh 48 jpg There is something about a brand new baby that just warms your heart.
Their fresh smell, their wrinkled little feet, their little squirms and sweet little baby noises.

Everything about it is new, exciting and beautiful. And nothing makes my photographer heart happier than getting to capture all those joys (and so much more) for a growing family.

fresh 48 larese -56jpgfresh 48 larese -66jpgfresh 48 larese -72jpgDSC_0469jpgDSC_0497jpgfresh 48 larese -91jpgfresh 48 larese -92jpg As parents to a brand new baby, you are tired (ok, exhausted!), and the last thing you think about is capturing photos of your new baby to document all those sweet details.

I was there, too...3 times! And because of said exhaustion and just plain feeling overwhelmed, only once did I pull out my camera to document any of that. Because I made myself. Because I knew I'd regret it if I didn't. We all know these moments are blink and they will be just a faint memory.

So this my friends, I urge you - document these details, these moments. Don't say "I'll do it later". You may not. They will never be this small again. You will never have those first couple days back.

levi fresh 48 5jpgfresh 48 larese -98jpgfresh 48 larese -102jpglevi fresh 48 6jpg
But you can have images capturing that time.

fresh 48 larese -109jpg You can look back and remember that fine dark hair, the fuzz on his cheeks or body, the wrinkled little feet, the way daddy swaddled him, and the way you looked at him in awe and thought to yourself "I can't believe he's here. I can't believe he's mine. He's perfect".

levi fresh 48 7jpg
"A New Baby is like the Beginning of All Things - Wonder, Hope, a Dream of Possibilities."
- Eda J LeShan 

fresh 48 larese -39jpgfresh 48 larese -40jpg fresh 48 larese -36jpg
"The Greatest Gift Our Parents Ever Gave Us Was Each Other."

levi fresh 48 3jpgDu Toit Fresh 48 -46jpgIt was such an incredible honour to capture this precious Fresh 48 Session for the Du Toit family.

Larése and Hanno, we wish you ALL the Blessings a new baby brings - more hugs, more smiles, more love! Enjoy every treasured moment of this incredibly precious chapter in your lives and we look forward to capturing many more such memories for you in the future  xx  

Levi du Toit Fresh 48 -131jpgLevi du Toit Fresh 48 -132jpg

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