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Meet the Naude family

Meet the Naude family

Welcome back! 

Let me begin by saying that I had the greatest time doing the session I'm about to post. This was the first time I've worked with the Naude family and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

Familie Sessie 2018 Low Resolution 11jpeg

Nicole is 5 and she absolutely loves art! Geoffrey, age 3, always wants to make jokes and loves laughing with others. 

Familie Sessie 2018 Low Resolution 14jpegFamilie Sessie 2018 Low Resolution 17jpeg

Clearly, Jaques and Lize have done a marvelous job raising them. Hopefully I'll get to work with them all in the future again.  

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Tell me about your favourite parts of our session, or why you enjoyed the session.

"It was relaxed and easy going. Karien has the ability to put everybody at ease so you actually get to enjoy the session with your family!" 

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Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? 

"My children are small and therefore it is often difficult to get them to do or sit as required. Karien was great. She enjoyed the children’s energy, inquisitive minds and fun loving nature. She made every body feel at ease." 

Thanks Lize, I appreciate that! 

It truly was an amazing photo shoot. And if you are considering a family session or are prepping for an upcoming session, heed the words of mom Lize:  

“Don’t over think it. A photo shoot should capture who you really are. So be real and have fun. This is the best way to get awesome photos,” she says. Solid advice Lize!

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