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Meet the Eyre Family {A 1st Year Portrait & Cake Smash Session}

Meet the Eyre Family {A 1st Year Portrait & Cake Smash Session}

Well, hello there! 

Let me begin by saying that I had the greatest time doing the session I'm about to share with you! Meet the Eyre Family. I honestly cannot put into words just how much I enjoyed photographing little Alia's 1st Year Portrait & Cake Smash Session - as well as her 1st Birthday Party celebration - All on the Same Day! 

Alija Cake Smash 2019-15 2jpg As you'll see from the photos, beautiful little Alia had quite a bit of fun at her Cake Smash Session! Who wouldn't, am I right?!

alia cake smash 4 resizedjpgalia cake smash 7 resizedjpgAlija Cake Smash 2019-45jpg Why did you choose the specific theme you chose for little Alia's Cake Smash session?

Alia's personality is bright and larger than life, so a colourful rainbow theme fitted her perfectly. It was also nice to have a theme that others could join in with by dressing in colourful clothes.

Alija Cake Smash 2019-34 2jpgAlia cake smash 3a resizedjpg What was your favourite part of the Cake Smash Session?

We loved watching Alia dig into the cake with so much enthusiasm! I think we'd all eat cake like that if we could!

Alija Cake Smash 2019-83jpgAlija Cake Smash 2019-88jpgAlija Cake Smash 2019-84jpgAlija Cake Smash 2019-92jpg Tell us something interesting or cute about little Alia.

Alia's middle name is 'Jane' after the famous book and literary character 'Jane Eyre.' She is strong-willed and independent, just like her namesake!

Alija Cake Smash 2019-107jpgaoa cake smash 5 resizedjpgAlija Cake Smash 2019-104jpgalia cake smash 6 resizedjpg After the Cake Smash & Bubble Bath sessions, came the 1st Birthday Party celebrations and we got to meet the guests!

alia cake smash 9 1 resizedjpg What is your favourite activity together as a family?

We love going for walks on the beach with Ziggy the dog. Alia chases the seagulls, just like Ziggy!

alia cake smash 8 resizedjpgalia cake smash 9 resizedjpgalia cake smash 11 resizedjpgalia cake smash 11 2 resizedjpg What are some of Alia's current likes - food or other?

Playing hide and seek is her favourite game, although she gives away where she is by giggling or knocking things over. Also, for some reason she has developed a taste for cake...I wonder why?

alia cake smash 13 resizedjpgAlija Cake Smash 2019-198jpg Is there any advice you would give to other parents preparing for their Cake Smash Session?

Just have fun and don't worry about trying to make everything 'perfect!' Babies and toddlers are naturally unpredictable, so try and embrace that.

Alija Cake Smash 2019-202jpgAlija Cake Smash 2019-215jpg How would you describe your overall experience with Just Frame Me Photography?

I would recommend Just Frame Me Photography to my friends. I loved Karien's calm and friendly approach - we had loads of fun and now have some lovely photos of the special day.

Thank you again, Jo! It was an absolute honour to be a part of and to capture these precious moments in your lives. It was so much FUN and I look forward to many future sessions together xx

Alija Cake Smash 2019-219jpg

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