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Meet Sian & Caroline {A Love Story}

Meet Sian & Caroline {A Love Story}

We meet again, dear blog readers!


You don’t have to ask me twice to head to Derdesteen Beach – my happy place – for an Engagement Session! That’s where I photographed Sian and Caroline, and it was an absolute dream session in every way!

This soon-to-be wedded couple will be getting married on the 16th of June. We are seriously looking forward to photographing their wedding!  


We headed to the shore early in the morning, just when the sun was starting to shine over the beautiful beach, which made the light especially rich, and the ocean waters a vibrant turquoise.

These two showed up looking positively stunning, and they were just radiating with happiness and excitement.

DSC_0343jpgDSC_0353jpgsian  caroline 2jpg

How did you two meet?

"This is actually quite a story," says Sian laughing. "We've known each other for about six and a half years now. The first 5 and a bit years we were just friends. We were introduced to each other through Caroline's friend and my partner at the time. From the moment we met we just connected. Little did we know that that friendship is what the foundation of our relationship would be built on - and some heavenly divine intervention. As time went on (and life happened) we found ourselves confiding in each other, laughing together, having serious heart to heart conversations and just being our truest selves with each other. Looking back now, it was so weird to realize that it didn't matter where we were or where we went, we always happened to end up sitting next to each other or just being near each other. Something that never happened consciously on either of our parts.

Fast forward a few years and this is where divine intervention steps in. Caroline is originally from Mauritius and had decided to go home for a month's holiday to recoup after some difficult times with her partner passing away. The day she arrived back from holiday she came over and it was like a lightning bolt for both of us. The reality of the situation hit us both at the same time - how much we had actually missed each other and that there was more to this relationship than just friendship. The hug hello was totally something else - you could literally feel the electricity!

Needless to say, we were pretty much inseparable from that moment on. We have been so super blessed in our path together with our very own angels guiding and protecting us."

DSC_0437jpgsian  caroline 3 3jpgDSC_0418jpg How did the proposal go?

Caroline proposed to me on a very random day in the comfort of our own home. It was the sweetest thing to see how someone could be as nervous as she was. It may sound very cliché and soppy, but for us, every day that we are together is special, so the fact that it happened in the privacy of our home and very casually was just perfect.

Needless to say, I was a puddle of mush.

It was something we had discussed from very early on in our relationship and we both knew that it was what we wanted. DSC_0307jpgDSC_0321jpg DSC_0310jpg Why did you decide on this location for your engagement shoot?

Firstly, believe it or not - the beach was always a first prize for us as it coordinates with a lot of our colour scheme at home. Strange but true. Oh let's not forget the fact that our wedding photographs will have mostly trees and vineyard in them, so we wanted something totally different to that for our Engagement shoot.

And secondly, what's not to love about the blue skies, white sands and the beautiful Table Mountain in the background? That's a view we could never tire of.
Sian  Caroline 1jpg What did you each wear to your engagement session?

We are a very laid back couple, so for us, the most important thing was for us to feel comfortable and express who we are. So we opted for white shirts and denim shorts for the first part of the shoot. Caroline is most definitely not a dress person, so she opted to change into different shorts and shirt and I wore a dress for the second part of the shoot.
DSC_0252jpgsian and caroline 4  2jpg What kind of look were you going for?

Clothed? And respectable? :-) A relaxed easy going look that expresses who we are as a couple.sian and caroline 5jpg Tell me about the details you're most excited about for your upcoming wedding?

Does saying ALL of it count? LOL In all seriousness though, the most exciting part of the day for us is when we will be announced 'Married.' We are literally counting down the days until we are a legally married couple. Then of course, for the huge party we will be having with our family and friends at the reception. For us, having fun with those that we love is just the cherry on the cake. DSC_0481jpg
Where are you getting married and where is the reception? Why did you choose these locations?

We are getting married at the Manor House, Knorhoek Estate out Sir Lowry's Pass way. Both the Ceremony and Reception will be at this venue. Surprisingly, it was the first venue we went to see and we both fell in love with it. Our wedding has a vintage theme to it and the venue just suited that theme down to a tea - let's not even get us started about the views. So spectacular! DSC_0142jpgDSC_0510jpgsian and caroline 6jpg After the beach, we did a quick wardrobe change and headed into Melkbosstrand - a coastal suburb and beach located on the South West Coast of South Africa, 35 km north of Cape Town. 

The village is surrounded by an extensive Nature Conservation Area and its bay and warm waters are a favourite spot for whale watching.  Melkbos is protected from urban development owing to its location in the nature conservation zone to the South, insulating it from the Bloubergstrand sprawl, and the security buffer zones of Koeberg Nuclear Power Station to the North. It remains a pristine seaside resort and a perfect spot for the second half of our session together!
DSC_0595jpgsian and caroline 8jpgDSC_0626jpg Do you have any tips or advice for other couples about to have engagement photos taken?

Make sure you click with your photographer from day one and that you feel that element of trust. We had no doubt in our minds that we had found the right photographer. If you are anything like we are, we didn't have any ideas as to particular shots we wanted so it makes life so much easier when you have someone experienced at your side that walks with you.

Make sure you are in the moment. Time goes by so quickly during the shoot and most importantly relax and be yourselves.
DSC_0652newjpg What was your favorite part of the engagement session?

The absolute fun we had - we were on a high for the remainder of the day. Add to that, the fact that we could just be us was so super cool.
sian and caroline 9jpg How was your overall session experience? And with Just Frame Me Photography?  

Absolutely fantastic! Neither one of us knew exactly what to expect nor are naturals in front of the camera, but we were made to feel so comfortable with Karien. The guidance she gave us was invaluable and the fact that we were just able to relax, focus on each other and be ourselves in front of her was incredible.

Karien, you are stuck with us for eternity now :-)

Aww, thanks Sian & Caroline! You two are REAL naturals in front of the camera and we now have the images to prove it! DSC_0688jpg Sian & Caroline's Engagement Session, folks! Their good looks, relaxed outfit choices, sublime location choices and their genuine love for each other made this photo shoot one of my favorites yet and a truly enjoyable experience! Can't wait for the wedding! xx

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A special thank you to Mariaan from Pro Makeup Me for our couple's beautiful make-up.
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