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Meet Little Baby Isla {A Newborn Lifestyle Session}

Meet Little Baby Isla {A Newborn Lifestyle Session}

It’s a glorious day, kids, and do you want to know why? Because I’ve got Astrid and Shaun’s 6-week-old baby, Isla, coming at you on the blog! There was so much love and sweetness in this photo session. Seriously, photographing them at their home felt like stepping into a warm, cosy bubble.


“Let the adventure begin!,” Astrid said when I asked them about the moment they found out they were pregnant! And now here we are today!

DSC_0006jpg"It was the single most emotional moment of my life!" said Astrid when I asked about the first time she saw her baby girl. "My heart was exploding and tears of joy were flowing."
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What was your favourite part of our session together? "I liked that the session was unscripted and we weren't constrained to posing with a newborn. 
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How did you prepare little Isla for the photo session? "We made sure she was well fed and happy and put her in a cute outfit!" 
How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you nervous or worried? How did it turn out? "We weren't too worried and it all went well! I'm not one for heavily posed newborns in a basket sort of setting, so it was great that you captured a moment in our lives together." 
What would be your advice to someone getting newborn photographs taken? "Go with the flow. Let the baby take the lead of the session. Nothing will go as planned."
I am so excited to see how this family continues to blossom, and I just know there are some very special years in their future. I'll leave you with a few more images from our session, and catch you next time! xx
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