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Meet Little Baby Connor {A Fresh48 Session}

Meet Little Baby Connor {A Fresh48 Session}

Me again!

You know, a doctor or midwife’s life is very exciting, but my life can be pretty darn exciting, too! Especially when I get to photograph a newborn’s first moments in this world – AKA what we call a “Fresh 48” in the photog-o-sphere!

Today’s blog post features baby Connor, who I photographed at Panorama Mediclinic a day after he was born! DSC_0260jpgConnor 1jpg Connor 8jpg I’m sure you can tell from the photographs that the entire room was under the spell of quiet serenity and tons of love. DSC_0249jpg DSC_0272jpgDSC_0273jpg DSC_0275jpg

I asked Mom Danielle, who booked this session with me, what it was like to have me there capturing such an intimate moment of their life. "I was nervous," says Danielle, "but luckily I know the photographer has kids and she just has the perfect way of working with them and made myself and Craig feel very comfortable!"

Aaaaw thanks Danielle, this is why I do what I do! Connor 2jpgDSC_0163jpgDSC_0166jpgDSC_0167jpg DSC_0160jpg Asked Dad Craig, who sent me an excited message as soon as little Connor was born, how they felt the first time they saw their little one: "IN LOVE!!!"   Connor 3jpgDSC_0171jpgConnor 4jpgDSC_0205jpgDSC_0206jpgConnor 5jpgWhat was the first thing that ran through your mind when you both found out you were pregnant?
"PURE excitement! We couldn't believe we were going to be parents!!!" DSC_0311jpgDSC_0314jpg How did you prepare little Connor for your photo session?
"No need to prepare him as he is perfect already!" Mom says with a proud smile. Connor 6jpg What would your advice be to someone getting a Fresh 48 photo session?
"Use Karien - she is talented and so good with the clients and baby!!!"

I love my job! DSC_0342jpgDSC_0343jpgConnor 7jpg

How sweet are they all? Good luck on your parenthood journey, Mom Danielle and Dad Craig, and thank you for letting me sit in on your life for a bit! xx


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