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Meet Jade & Dale {A Cup of Coffee, Street Art & A Love Story}

Meet Jade & Dale {A Cup of Coffee, Street Art & A Love Story}

We meet again, dear loyal blog readers! 

We recently photographed Jade & Dale in the inner city of Cape Town, South Africa.

This soon-to-be-wedded couple was shy at first, but after we enjoyed a cup of coffee at the gorgeous Haas Cafe, a coffee shop & art gallery located in Buitenkant street, all shyness was gone and we jumped right into taking photos and eventually ventured into the streets of Cape Town. 

Jade  Dale 2019 Social Media Ready 01jpgjade  dale 1 resizedjpgjade  dale 2 resizedjpg

How did the two of you meet?

We met at school in 2008 and at that time we were both in Grade 8. I was walking with a few of my friends when Dale and his crew walked past and they asked me for my number. I thought they were all quite annoying, including Dale, but ever since then we have had such a great bond.

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Tell us a little something about each other.

"Dale is a great charmer," Jade says, "he's kind, EXTREMELY loving, funny, and no matter what mood I'm in he literally keeps me smiling! He's the clown in the house! He is also crazy about dogs - we have 4 at home." 

"Dale works very hard and once he puts his mind to something he literally goes for it! He's always open to trying new things and meeting new people, however, if he could spend all day, every day, in front of the Xbox alone in the dark I'm sure he would do just that. Dale stands up for those he loves - "ME" - he always has my back and he always puts me first," she says blushing. "He can be really annoying but also really amazing." 

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"Jade is a kindhearted person," Dale says, "always looking out for other people. She can be very stubborn - sometimes in a good way, sometimes NOT so good lol! She's also funny at times."

"She takes care of me - she's not my mom but she has this motherly quality. Jade is very organised and works well with money and she takes control." 

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What kind of look were you going for for your session?

Just a laid back natural look.

DSC_0132jpgJade  Dale 2019 Social Media Ready 06jpgIMG_1407jpgIMG_1403jpg

Do you have any tips or advice for other couples about to have a Couples Session? 

You don't have to wear matching clothes. Just be comfortable and be natural and go with the flow. However, make sure you dress appropriately for the weather and location.
Another tip: Every time we had to look into each other's eyes we whispered nonsense to each other that made us laugh or smile, and that looked so good on our pics.

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What was your favourite part of our session together?

We enjoyed shooting in the different locations, with different backgrounds and settings. Besides all our selfies we normally take, this was our first couples shoot and it was so much fun!

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How was your overall session experience?

Our overall experience was FUN. We were both very nervous but Karien was so amazing, she made us feel comfortable. She's friendly and full of energy. 

Thanks for the awesome shoot Karien! Your work is amazing! 

Aaaaaw thank you to you both, Jade & Dale! What a fun morning spent together and there was definitely no need to be nervous. You were both such naturals in front of the camera and now we have the photos to prove it! 

Jade  Dale 2019 Social Media Ready 14jpg

Thank you again for choosing Just Frame Me Photography © to capture these very special, very precious memories for you! Here's looking forward to many future photo sessions together xx

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