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Meet Dad Anton & his three daughters {A Daddy & Me Lifestyle Session}

Meet Dad Anton & his three daughters {A Daddy & Me Lifestyle Session}

Welcome back! 

Let me begin by saying that I had the greatest time doing the session I am about to blog about. This was the first time I worked with Dad Anton and his gorgeous daughters and I enjoyed every minute of it at the beautiful Bloubergstrand in Cape Town. DSC_0065jpgAll three girls love music and are very social. From oldest to youngest, we have Sydney, aged 16, Madison, aged 13, and Mikenzie, aged 7. daddy  me anton 1 1jpg
According to dad, Sydney is an easy loving soul who loves people. DSC_0120jpg
Mikenzie, the youngest, lives for being upside down and doing tricks.daddy and me anton 2jpg While Madison is a serious old soul who will sum you up in a few seconds and never be wrong. DSC_0156jpgDSC_0217jpgdaddy and me anton 3jpgDSC_0060jpg
Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? If so, what were the worries? "Not at all," says Anton, "we knew we were in good hands!"DSC_0054jpgHow would you describe your overall experience? "Making fun memories! We loved that it was spontaneous and easy going. It was a great experience as we wanted a natural feel." DSC_0010jpgDSC_0027jpgWhat are some words of wisdom you have for other dads preparing for a "Daddy & Me" session?
"Don't over think it. Let Karien guide you as she is amazing! And just embrace the moment." 

Aaaw thanks Anton! It was lovely to meet you and your girls and I look forward to many more "Daddy & Me" sessions with you! DSC_0162jpg
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