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Meet Baby Brother Matthew {A Newborn Lifestyle Session}

Meet Baby Brother Matthew {A Newborn Lifestyle Session}

Well hello there, blog followers!

I've got a super special session for you today that I've been dying to post ever since we did the shoot! The star, of course, is sweet little Matthew. I'm doubly excited, though, because his older sister, Taylor, was also on the scene. Having them both there made for so much cuteness I could hardly stand it! See for yourself!

DSC_0001jpgDSC_0008jpg I obviously had to ask Mom Brigette and Dad Anton about how big sis Taylor reacted to the news of baby brother Matthew's coming into the world and joining the family? Their answer?

"My daughter is his biggest fan and she was most excited to meet her baby brother! She loves being a big sister."

How adorable is that?!

DSC_0009jpgBrigette Bains 1jpg
How was your experience having your newborn photographed? Were you nervous or worried before? How did it turn out?

It was great! Karien captured Matthew's natural features of wrinkly hands and feet, and pureness of our daughter's love for her brother, Anton's pride of a baby boy and my bursting love for my beautiful family!

DSC_0028jpgbrigette bains 6jpgDSC_0125jpgbrigette bains 3jpgDSC_0081jpg What would your advice be to someone wanting to book a photographer for a Newborn Lifestyle and Family Session?

Be relaxed, be yourself, and know what you want from the shoot.

brigette bains 2jpgDSC_0041jpgbrigette bains 4jpg How did you prepare your little one for our session together?

I made sure he was well fed, clean and had slept.
brigette bains 7jpgDSC_0192jpg
Any last words about our session together?

Thank you so much for listening to my ideas and for capturing all the love our family has for each other.

Aaaaw you are so very welcome, Brigette! And congrats on the growing family, Brigette and Anton! Our session together was incredibly special and I am so happy for your family. May your new family of 4 make a million happy memories together! xx


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