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Meet Baby Boy Levi {A Birth Story}

Meet Baby Boy Levi {A Birth Story}

Welcome back, readers!

You're in for a major treat today, as I'm sharing images from my recent Birthing Session with the Du Toit family, who welcomed little Levi into the world.

Our session took place at Milnerton Mediclinic, just outside of Cape Town, and I don't think there was a single second that I put my camera down while I was there! 

du toit birth 2jpgdu toit birth 5jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -22jpg
How was your experience having this very intimate moment of your life photographed? Were you nervous or worried before? How did it turn out?

As I tend to be behind the camera, I at times were more stressed about the photos than the actual birth part…Insane I know! Worrying about things like my hair, my double chin, being completely “exposed” and just all the other silly little things. But as soon as we were in there, Karien faded into the background.  She was so discreet at times, but when I did catch her face, her reassuring and caring smile was very helpful.

Levi Birth July 2019 -25jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -26jpg
What is your favourite memory from the day of your baby's birth?

The intimate moment between my husband and I where he was just motivating and inspiring me before we could see our son.

du toit birth 1jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -28jpg
What would be your advice to someone considering having her birth photographed?

Don’t worry about it – easier said than done right? However, your main job at that moment is to give birth, your baby and your family. It is the photographer’s job to get “the shot”. So, you just do you mom …and do baby, forget about the rest – it does not matter at all!!

Levi Birth July 2019 -35jpgLevis 1st breathjpgDSC_0067jpgdu toit birth 7jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -67jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -71jpglevi birth jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -76jpg
What was the first thing you noticed about your baby? 

Before I could even see him, I noticed his loud lungs! He was putting up an opera show for us, but upon seeing him for the first time, I was immediately drawn to his face which reminded me of his (now) older sister.

Levi Birth July 2019 -79jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -89jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -80jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -84jpg
What was the first thing you thought when you saw your baby for the first time?

How blessed am I! Here this little precious gift has been given to us and he was perfect in every sense of the word! That was my first thought and secondly was “we made it!” after a hectic pregnancy this moment was such a relief.

Levi Birth July 2019 -94jpg
What was dad's first thought when he saw your baby for the first time?

“Can’t believe that the moment finally arrived” was his first thought. He also thought the second time around will be less stressful as “we have been through this before” but this was a complete different and special experience.

Levi Birth July 2019 -95jpgLevi Birth July 2019 -105jpg
Was this your first time with Just Frame Me Photography? What were your thoughts?

This was our first time with Just Frame Me Photography, and it will not be our last. Very professional, caring, and has such a beautiful way to capture the moment. Would recommend them!

It was an absolute honour to have been able to capture these intimate moments and precious memories for you, Larése and Hanno!  They say you never forget your first birth and this was definitely the BEST first birth any birth photographer could ever ask for!

Congrats again to the entire Du Toit family! What a precious little boy you've added to your clan! Thank you for sharing such a special day with us and we look forward to many future sessions together xx

Levi Birth July 2019 -161jpg

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