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How to choose YOUR perfect Wedding Photographer

How to choose YOUR perfect Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photos are a precious memento you actually get to keep from your special day – and get to keep FOREVER! So you want to make sure they capture YOU as a couple.

Don’t get scared by the huge price range, averaging around R8500 and up! There is something for everyone - you just need to work out what you’re looking for! So here are a few helpful tips:

1) Recommendations

Ask your friends and your family! If you have a friend who got married recently, have a look at their wedding album (you can steal some of their ideas too), or ask them for some help (they will LOVE spreading their post-wedding knowledge). Also, ask your family! You never know if your sister's co-worker's cousin used a photographer whose style is perfect for you and your husband-to-be! 

Also, ask your venue – they will have seen a lot of photographers so can give you some options too. Have a look at the photographer’s website, online reviews and social media to get a bit more of an idea.

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2) Venue

Always keep your wedding venue in mind. If you are celebrating your nuptials in the evening, at a candle-lit venue for example, then a photographer specializing in outdoor day-time weddings may not be the right choice for you and vice versa. 

Look at the photographer's portfolio and their ability to create light, even in a dimmer setting. (Tip: ask to see some reception photos, as those often take place in the evening).

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3) Style

Now for the fun part! Start delving deeper into different portfolios and have a look at each photographer's unique and individual style. Also, consider how much time their 'look & feel' might require - an elaborate fashion shoot, for instance, takes hours. If you don’t want to spend your entire wedding posing for photos then bear this in mind. 

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And always remember, you can work out details with your photographer once you’ve chosen them.  

4) Interview

Once you’ve looked through the portfolios and picked your favourites, it's time to meet the professionals themselves – almost like a blind date! Your photographer will spend the majority of your wedding day with you, so it’s extremely important your personalities mesh, right?

A helpful tip from us: ask them about their favourite photograph! You will learn a lot about their vision and personality from the way they answer your question.   

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Artistic vision aside, a wedding photographer should be polite and unobtrusive, yet able to direct group images, which can require a lot of organizing. 

A good way to figure this out is to look at the group images and see whether the participants look relaxed and comfortable.

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5) Finalise

Lastly, check with the photographer whether it will be definitely them shooting your wedding, as larger agencies may often have alternatives. 

Similarly, ask if they have an assistant and what kind of equipment they are going to use, especially if you prefer digital over film, or if you have a strong opinion about how the images should be edited.

Don’t be afraid to ask EVERY question until you’re happy. 

However, you won’t need to worry too much, the camera will barely have to do anything, as you’re going to look amazing!!! 

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