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Happy Birthday, Tanya! {A 30th Birthday 'Cake Smash'}

Happy Birthday, Tanya! {A 30th Birthday 'Cake Smash'}

Well, hello there!

Today we have a real treat for you - no pun intended!

Professionally photographed 'Cake Smashes' have been a trend for years now. Initially, they were a sort of informal thing that kind of just happened at your little one's first birthday - give baby his first taste of cake and snap away as he makes funny faces!

But recently, Adult Cake Smashes have been becoming the Next Big Thing! With Cake Smashes having started out as a kid thing, and now having expanded to include the young at heart, they’re exactly what they sound like: Take a birthday cake, smash it into your hands and face, and record the blessed event for social media posterity! 

"Why?" you might ask. Well, I guess there are those folk who've decided that they're not going to sit back and let the babies have all the fun! Like Tanya here! 

Now let's move on to what we've been waiting for! For your viewing pleasure - Tanya's 30th Birthday Cake Smash! 

tanya 30th cake smash 1ajpg Tanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -29jpg Tanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -6jpg
Tell us why you decided to have yourself a 30th Cake Smash?

I felt that 30 is quite an achievement in my life so why not celebrate with a 'Smash the Cake' photoshoot!

tanya 30th cake smash 2a jpgTanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -21jpg Why did you choose the specific theme you chose for your Cake Smash Session?

I love pink, black and white. These colours make a shoot pop.

tanya 30th cake smash 2jpgWhat was your favourite part of the Cake Smash Session?

Getting my hair, makeup and nails done :) 

tanya 30th cake smash 3jpgTanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -54jpgtanya 30th cake smash 4jpgTiny TeazerjpgTanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -47jpgTanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -65jpgtanya 30th cake smash 5jpgtanya 30th cake smash 6jpgTanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -82jpgtanya 30th cake smash 7jpgtanya 30th cake smash 8jpgHow would you describe your overall experience with Just Frame Me Photography?

It was great! Karien is very friendly and helps you make all your ideas come to life. I would recommend her.

Thanks, Tanya! And thank you again for choosing Just Frame Me Photography © to capture this very special moment in your life for you! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and so much fun spending the morning with you!

I look forward to many future photo sessions together xx

Tanya 30th Cake Smash 2019 -93jpg

A Special Shout Out to the following ladies - 

Makeup: Aileen's Makeup Artistry
Nails: Shenanigans Nails

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