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Happy Birthday, Mieke! {A 1st Year Portrait & Cake Smash Session}

Happy Birthday, Mieke! {A 1st Year Portrait & Cake Smash Session}

Hi again, everyone!

Turning 1 is Fantastic!!! You get to Smash a Cake all over the place, spit it back out if you don't like it, you get to play with a whole tub full of marshmallows AND you get to play in your very own little tub of Bubble Bath with your favourite rubber ducky!

This was my first time working with little Mieke, mom Bianca and dad Etienne and we all had so much FUN!

Without further adieu, meet little princess Mieke, but mom prefers to call her Miemie!

Mieke Cake Smash 2019-16jpgmieke cake smash 01jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-18jpg

Why did you choose the specific theme you chose for your little one’s Cake Smash session?

We didn’t really choose a specific theme. We jut winged it for the day and took what we can from the day.

Mieke Cake Smash 2019-1jpg

Tell us something interesting/cute about your little one.

My Little one recently started saying ta-ta to everyone, but she wont say it to your face. She waits till the person turns around or goes out the door then she will wave and say ta-ta.

Mieke Cake Smash 2019-32jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-33jpgmieke cake smash 3jpg

What is your favourite activity together as a family?

We love spending time outdoors, Miemie is so in love with the outdoors so we will take what we can when the weather allows us to be outside.

Mieke Cake Smash 2019-36jpg

What are some of your little one’s current likes – food or other?

Miemie loves to explore. She wants to touch everything and wants to know what everything is even when she is not allowed to touch. She absolutely adores our dog and hugs him all the time. He doesn’t always like it but he takes it like a champ.

mieke cake smash 4jpg

What was your favourite part of the Cake Smash Session?

Seeing her reaction to the cake. She didn’t like the feeling of the cake at all.

Mieke Cake Smash 2019-51jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-53jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-65jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-64jpgmieke cake smash 5jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-75jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-72jpg

Is there any advice you would give to other parents preparing for their Cake Smash Session?

Honestly, every child is different and not expecting something from your child on the day make things easier. Chances are, they wont react the way you think or hope and just enjoy it the way they want to have it.

Mieke Cake Smash 2019-82jpgmieke cake smash 6jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-115jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-103jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-107jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-101jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-100jpgMieke Cake Smash 2019-94jpgmieke cake smash 7 2jpg

Was this your first session with Just Frame Me Photography & how would you describe your overall experience with Just Frame Me Photography?

This was our 1st experience and it was amazing!  We really enjoyed the experience with Karien, she was so kind and patient with our little one, even though my little one was moody and didn’t want to do anything we actually wanted her to. Karien made us feel so comfortable.

Thank you Just Frame Me for the wonderful experience and the most beautiful photos. We will definitely make use of you again. Baie dankie Karien vir jou moeite. Ek het dit so geniet saam met jou!

Aaaaw thank you So much for your kind words, Bianca! It was so lovely meeting you and your family and an absolute honour to be a part of and to capture such precious memories for you. It was so much FUN and I look forward to many future sessions together xx

mieke cake smash 8jpg

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